Videos and Songs for ESL Body Parts Lessons

Here are some great songs and videos to use in your group classes with your BLOOEE Body Parts Unit  Readers, and resources to make super fun and interesting group classes!

Fun Songs 

1. Super fun and a great song to get up and moving, touching body parts and doing actions (walk, jump, etc..). Great with young beginner kids learning coordination, but still fun with older kids. Ages 2-6.



2. A great warm-up song, moving body parts fast and slow. Kids love this song. Great for all ages from young to older. Ages 2-6



3. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. A classic must-sing song when teaching body Parts. Kids love this version as it gets progressively faster. 

4. Dream English are great; I use their songs all the time for various topics. So many great songs and videos for young learners. Never too complicated and easy to do actions to. Definitely check out their website and YouTube channel for hundreds of great songs and videos you can use for ESL.

5. Lots of fun songs at Pinkfong. This is another fun song to get kids up and moving body parts. Their songs are a little faster, so I use them with slightly older students... Ages 4+

Short videos learning Body Parts.

1. Great short video about 3 minutes long introducing and labeling the body. Ages 3+

2. A video quiz that is also suitable for younger students as it circles the body part for kids to shout out and name, about 3 minutes long. Ages 3+


3. A video introducing body parts and then a quiz choosing the options. You may have to speak and read the words for children if they cannot read the options. Approximately 5 minutes long. Ages 4+


 4. An entertaining video from WOW English. Introduces some body parts and reinforces the learning with some crazy scenarios. Be sure to pause the video and ask kids questions about the body parts or repeat the pronunciation.


 5. An interesting video that explains what body parts can do. Suitable for higher levels but all levels will enjoy watching it. About 3 minutes long.

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